Climate & Culture Matters


 I highly endorse Rachel Gilliland in her run for member of the Municipal Council of Aurora.  Over the past 3 years she has been an incredible asset and resource for our school community.  Rachel has continuously offered her time and support which is a strong reflection of her incredible dedication and work ethic.  During this time, the culture & spirit of our school has flourished and grown, much to the continued work that Rachel has put forth. Furthermore she is exceptionally passionate!  My students leave her workshops feeling pumped and prepared! It is through this balance of drive and compassion that makes Rachel the perfect candidate as a member of public office. Although I am not a resident of Aurora, I would absolutely offer her my vote. I have no doubt that Rachel will bring her strong work ethic and compassion to every project and task- all for the betterment of the community.   

Mr. Scott Johnson, YCDSB Educator

Counted On To Listen



My career within a few global companies has taken our family throughout several communities in Ontario and New York. When our family was moving back to the GTA from New York 14 years ago, we had a blank canvas to choose a great community to raise our young family. Through our research and conversations with local friends, we chose Aurora for its balance of city amenities and recreational opportunities coupled with its small-town charm. It was a community with spirit and balanced approach to growth and a safe place to raise our kids.

Jennifer and I have known Rachel and her family for most of our time living in Aurora. We have watched Rachel and her family grow and enjoy all that Aurora has to offer. With both of her daughters off to university, I applaud Rachel making the choice to give back to our community by choosing to enter the race for Aurora Town Council. I know that Rachel can be counted on to listen to our community questions, concerns and ideas for the responsible growth of our community – ensuring that Aurora continues to be a place of opportunity with a small-town feel. I look forward to voting for Rachel and would welcome anyone in the community to get to know Rachel and her views and how she can have your voice heard on our Town Council. 

- Andrew Bulmer 

She's the Real Thing!


When you're thinking every candidate for the position of Counsellor in Aurora claims to be...

- a great leader

- a great business person

- a great listener

- a great problem solver

- a great motivator

- devoted to public service

- hard working 24/7


Yours truly, Judy Wallace

Insightful and Genuine


The Town of Aurora is lucky to have Rachel Gilliland as a candidate in this election. Rachel is truly one of a kind! She is insightful, genuine and hardworking, (among many other amazing things). I have known Rachel for several years and she has always stood up for what she believes in.  Her incredible energy and motivation to make positive changes in the community make her the perfect addition to Council.   I have no doubt that Rachel will do amazing things for Aurora. Vote Gilliland!

- Rachel Katz

Protect Your Best Intrests


Rachel and Brad were the first in the family to move to Aurora 23 years ago. She has been a strong advocate for the Town and has always loved its charm and community feel.  Since then, our whole family has followed suit, moving to this tiny gem. She has been involved in many ways, such as coaching, volunteering inside schools and her local rate payers associations. Rachel's dedication and keen desire to get things done would be an asset to our Town by helping protect your best interest of the community. 

Rachel Gilliland, you have our vote!

- Wendy Klein

Impeccable Leadership


 I have known Rachel for many years now and am witness to her impeccable leadership and organizational skills. I believe she is the right person for the much needed socio-economic changes required in the town of Aurora. She will be the voice of the local community and is one of the most approachable people I have met. If the people of Aurora want meaningful change, then she is the person to vote into council. She will bring a positive fresh perspective to the community and I wish her the very best in this great endeavor. 

- Ammar Sikandar

Someone who will commit 100%



Way to go Rachel for running for Aurora City Counsellor.  I know once you become passionate about something, you work hard to get it done & get it done 100% right.  I’ve seen you help out with so many school activities, sports & town events over the past 14 years that I’ve known you.  Your passion & interest in helping our community is commendable.  I look forward to seeing you  make a difference as a city Counsellor. Good luck!  

-  Paul & Aniko Just

A Vote For Rachel Is A Vote For You 💕


 I have the pleasure of writing an endorsement for my wife Rachel, who is running to become a member of Council for the Town of Aurora.

Rachel has been a wonderfully supportive partner of mine for over 25 years and she has done an amazing job in raising our two beautiful daughters who are now away at University. It’s obvious that I will say Rachel is committed, responsible and cares deeply about the community that we hand-picked to raise our family in. She has a limitless amount of energy – running her own business, a passionate volunteer in both community and organised sports and dedicated countless hours to school programs over the last 15 years. With our daughters grown, Rachel wants to turn that energy, passion and attention to representing the citizens of the Town of Aurora on Council. Accountable – check. Capable – check. Committed – check. Putting the political speak aside…….

Like many, we moved to Aurora when we were starting a family. We lived in Toronto but we wanted to raise our children in a true community. Since moving here in the 90’s we have lived in four homes and watched our Town grow. Like you, we have played in the parks with our kids and walked our dogs in our trails. Like you, we've raced home to get to practice, watched fireworks and listened to music in our parks. Our great friendships have been built through school and sports and we cherish them all. We are both very proud to call Aurora home, loving the history and excited for the future.

What I’m trying to say is, sure, Rachel is all the political speak: accountable, capable and committed. But more important to me, she is real, she is a mom, a local businesswoman, a volunteer coach, a community advocate with no hidden agenda that is ready to serve. She has walked in your shoes and I believe that a vote for Rachel Gilliland is a vote for you and your family too.

- Brad Gilliland

Her Vision Is On Point


I had a recent conversation with Rachel and have observed her involvement in the community... and I must say I am impressed with her passion and dedication to bring Aurora the positive change that it deserves. Her vision of fiscal responsibility, a smart balance between development, growth and preservation, while protecting our green space is on point. I admire her keen desire to get things done in our Town and she has proven to be committed to the task. Rachel Gilliland would be a much needed change to our Council table and I encourage others to vote for her too!

- Troy G.










Endorse Rachel Gilliland

Tell Aurora why you believe Rachel Gilliland for Council will champion YOUR ideas and bring the positive change this Town needs to get to the next level! On October 22nd, vote for Rachel Gilliland and let the Town know why they should too.

We would love a PHOTO to add to your endorsement. Please send to: rachel@rachelgilliland.ca


Rachel Gilliland

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